Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery

How Can I Donate?

Donation info has been removed.

We struggle even to cover fuel expenses and now we’re looking at $ 4.00 for fuel. At 8 miles to the gallon and travel from Indiana to the Eastern coast line of the Atlantic – The Gulf of Mexico and West to the Mississippi, the miles add up very fast. Then there’s equipment we need but can’t afford such as a new trailer to haul more gear. It’s going to cost around $ 5,000. This trailer would allow us to carry more, we hate to need something and have it at storage because there was not enough room to bring it.

The list goes on….Call TEAM R&R direct at cel (260) 413-6072 or email Maybe you want to help in another way.
If you want in, there’s a way to help us – HELP OTHERS!
Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery