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Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery

History of TEAM R&R

TEAM R&R Disaster Assistance is a small not-for-profit corporation with a mission to save life and property during times of crisis. Our team is in a unique position to give something back to the community and assist those in need. Our backgrounds cover a broad range of experience in the skills needed to operate under pressure conditions.

When our services are needed we may receive a page, fax or phone call. In addition, we will monitor national news to determine if a situation is arising for which we will be needed. Our self-contained unit will be able to operate for one to two week intervals without outside resources. Once on-site we will meet with the constituent or local officials to coordinate activities. Our onboard communication will limit downtime and allow us to stay in contact with each other, local officials and our command center. After the crisis has passed we leave with a handshake, no debt for those we have assisted and most importantly, we have made a difference. At home we will restock, debrief, document and prepare for the next situation.

Our web site will contain current information on the location and actions of our team.

Founded by:

John Hamrick - Founder of TEAM R&R Disaster Assistance.


My parents instilled a few simple things
• Get involved
• Give 110%
• Make a difference
• Do something you enjoy. I enjoy helping others and feel this is the best way that I can give something that will make a difference

TEAM R&R took another turn in 2003 with the introduction of our school programs. This was started by local teacher read the cover of the Ft. Wayne news paper “Rescuer softens the hurricane’s blow” a Frank Gray story. Ann Serrani, a 4 th grade teach at Perry Hill called me and asked me to speak with her class and share my experiences. The school program covered many issues:

These students asked John to do a return visit. This class worked over help winter to raise money to help TEAM R&R help others. This was very inspirational!

Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery